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Liz Merry, 12/20/2019

The Short Story

My mission is to spread the benefits of laughter through Applied Improvisation.  

I have a long history of studying and practicing Improv Comedy. In the last three years I've designed and taught many Applied Improv workshops and classes including "Improv for Living: Baby Boomer Edition," "Meaning Mindfulness and Improv," "Improv Jam,"  and "Everyday Improv: Finding the Laughter in Life."  I am currently an Instructor for the Improv for Living program at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, a workshop leader at The Melon Ball Theater.  And,  this year I started Merry Improv Co. 

My Services

Teaching Applied Improv workshops; designing and teaching tailored AI; creating AI content for specific outcomes and audiences. Contact me: liz at improvforliving dot org


See the many resources posted at my Meaning, Mindfulness, and Improv GaceBook page.

The Long Story

Merry Improv Co. is my sole proprietorship company with the mission to spread the benefits of laughter through Applied Improvisation.

I've been studying and practicing Improv Comedy since 1986 when I co-led No Prior Convictions, a weekly performance troupe at UCLA. After college I took classes taught by Cynthia Szigeti and was stage crew for professional improv troupe Funny You Should Ask (way before there was a TV show).

In the the 2000’s I started a sole proprietorship called Verve Solar Consulting, and  provided career counseling, marketing, writing, and solar career seminars. Through these workshops I learned that teaching is my ‘calling,’ and improv is a big part of my style. My solar clients included Solar Energy International, Solar Energy Industries Association, UC Berkeley Extension, and PG&E among many others.

In mid-2000’s I returned to Improv by completing Foundation 1-3 courses at Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS), and a summer intensive with Rafe Chase that included a lecture from Keith Johnstone. My amazing BATS instructors included Laura Tiberius Derry, Zoe Galvez, and David Remack. After these classes I joined an informal team called Plastic Silverware which received private coaching with John Remak. Although it was a three hour round-trip drive to take classes, the BATS training had a profound impact on my fixation for grounding scenes in a character and my overall love of Improv.

In 2008 I had a major MS relapse and lost strength in much of my left side, had weakend vocal cords, and major bouts of unpredictable fatigue and brain fog. Although I continued teaching online through 2011, my unpredictble symptoms required giving up work commitments.  

By 2012 I was mostly retired and began studying how to live with a focus on mindfulness and meaning instead of doing.  I was blessed to join a Meaning Group led by Pam Cordano in Davis. This focus on meaning, and lots of Mindfulness training has been key to moving from an identity of "doing" to a primary identification of "being." While  it’s an  ongoing  effort,  I try to remain  transitioned from "What do you do?" - "Solar Business Consultant and Trainer" to "I seek authenticity and practice vulnerability.”

This focus on meaning, and  a  combination  of  new  MS  meds, has  led  me into a new career of sharing the gifts of  Applied  Improv and making laughter a focal point everyday. If you're curious about the meaning work Google "Logotherapy." I'm convinced that applied Improv, in particular, practices many of the tenets Dr. Frankl describes in his book "Mans Search For Meaning." 

To sum up...in 2017 I discovered the incredible community of comedy lovers at The Sacramento Comedy Spot and took ALL their classes, many twice. I am honored to be a Comedy Spot Instructor, teaching Improv For Living and am excited to help make Applied Improvisation a standard offering in the region.